Help Zelri get to American Dance Awards

We are excited to inform you that Zelri Vermaak has earned the honour of representing South Africa in Rhode Island, U.S.A. 1-7 July 2024. This remarkable achievement comes as a result of their outstanding performance in the American Dance Awards Regionals, which took place from 29 September to 7 October 2023.

Distinguished judges, renowned international choreographers, handpicked our dancers, commending their exceptional talent and the refreshing uniqueness of their style. It is with great pride that we now look to them to uphold our country’s reputation on the international stage.

As these gifted dancers prepare to showcase their talents at the AMERICAN DANCE AWARDS NATIONAL competition in July 2024, we find ourselves faced with a significant challenge. Regrettably, the financial burden associated with participating in an event of this magnitude is proving to be a barrier for some of our young dancers. We believe that their remarkable skills and dedication should not be hampered by financial constraints, which is why we are reaching out to request your valuable support.

To provide you with a clearer picture, the competition in Rhode Island, USA, spans eight days and includes three days of workshops designed to enhance the dancers’ abilities. The prospect of not participating in this competition abroad could be disheartening for these young talents and, worse yet, might lead to the loss of their potential.

Each dancer’s participation requires a total amount of R68,000.00, which covers essential expenses such as visa applications, round-trip flights from South Africa to the U.S.A., local transportation, and hotel accommodations.

While we are actively seeking sponsors for the complete amount, we also welcome partial sponsorships for additional costs such as food, spending money, costumes, tracksuits, registration fees, and entry fees.


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